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About Us

Who We Are

Boy scout troop 81 is from Susquehanna, Pennsylvania. We are a very active and fun loving troop, we go on hiking and camping trips almost monthly. At the same time, our troop is rank oriented with several of our scouts on their way to becoming Eagle Scouts. 

Our Scoutmaster

Troop 81's scoutmaster is Michael Gebhard, he is also the camp ranger at a local scout camp, Camp Tuscarora. Mike is very dedicated  to helping all the scouts advance through the ranks, learn scout skills, and be successful in scouting. All the scouts are very grateful to have him as our scoutmaster.

Our Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 81's assistant scoutmaster is Les Arsenault, he is especially helpful to the scouts when it comes to advancement. He has helped the scouts earn merit badges, complete rank requirements, and gain other BSA awards. He is very appreciated by the troop's members.

Contact Our Scoutmaster

Troop 81's Scoutmaster Michael Gebhard

Susquehanna, Pennsylvania, United States